1 Million Dollar Recovery (2007)

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Trucking Accident- Elizabeth, NJ

Truck drivers are some of the most overworked people on the planet, and as a result, truck driver accidents are far more common than they should be. Federal regulations dictate how long truckers can drive per day and how much time they should rest, but even well-rested truckers have trucking accidents that cause lasting injuries for drivers of other vehicles. In some cases, the truck drivers themselves aren’t the only ones to blame; third-parties can contribute to the circumstances that cause an accident which can change a driver’s life forever. In 2007, I successfully litigated a $1 million recovery for an Elizabeth, NJ client as a result of a trucking accident, which included a third-party negligence claim.

My 2007 trucking accident case was largely caused by negligence on the part of the Elizabeth, NJ truck driver, who was also the truck owner. However, I discovered through the course of the two-year litigation that a third-party contractor repaired the truck’s brakes 18 days before the accident, and that the repair wasn’t completed properly. As a result, the negligent contractor was brought into the case as a third-party defendant, as his negligence, too, contributed to the accident.

Third-party claims can complicate a legal case by adding a new defendant, but they can also achieve a higher settlement as this provides multiple insurance policies to claim against. As a successful New Jersey negligence attorney, I knew that the third party negligence claim would add to the outcome my client received, and it was also the right thing to do as the contractor’s negligence contributed to the accident.

Because trucking accidents often fall under the purview of federal regulations, it takes an experienced trucking accidents attorney to successfully litigate these cases. Without knowledge and prior work within this field, truck accident lawyers may be able to get truckers out of a claim through a loophole or matter of law, even if their negligence causes a serious motor vehicle accident. Don’t let a trucking accident change your life forever. Enlist the aid of an experienced New Jersey personal injury attorney with a proven track record in trucking accidents to help you get the recovery you deserve.

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