$175,000 Settlement (2007)

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Motor Vehicle Accident- Union, NJ

One motor vehicle accident is bad enough, but two auto accident injuries less than three months apart are not only a nightmare for the family, but difficult to pursue from a legal standpoint. In 2007, I got a motor vehicle accident settlement for a client who went through this unusual scenario, in spite of attempts by the insurance companies to derail the case. As a New Jersey motor vehicle accident lawyer with years of experience in dealing with insurers, I was able to achieve a successful resolution for my client in the face of tricky legal maneuvers and complicated litigation filed by the insurers.

In this specific car accident case, the insurers argued a point of auto accident law to avoid liability: that Superior Court rulings require detailed evidence comparing the injuries arising out of both accidents. Basically, the insurers were arguing that unless my client was able to substantially prove which injuries came from which accident, my client wasn’t entitled to any compensation from either insurer. Because the auto accidents occurred so closely together, the insurers were hoping that my Union, NJ client wouldn’t be able to provide evidence strong enough to prove which injuries and symptoms were a result of which motor vehicle accident.

During the course of litigating this automobile accident lawsuit, the trial judge dismissed the case. However, as an experienced motor vehicle accident attorney, I pursued the case to superior court appellate division. After meeting with a three-judge panel and arguing my client’s case, the appellate court reversed the dismissal and directed the matter to proceed to trial. At this point, it became clear to the insurers that my client’s motor vehicle accident claim wasn’t just going to “go away” and I was able to negotiate a successful settlement for my client.

Experienced car accident lawyers know how to deal with the tactics that insurers use to try to avoid responsibility and refrain from paying out in a car accident settlement. As a New Jersey personal injury attorney with plenty of experience with motor vehicle accidents, I care about my clients and use my experience to fight for them against corrupt insurers – even in the case of multiple car accidents where the specifics can be difficult to prove.

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