$60,000 Settlement (2007)

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Slip and Fall Injury- Cranford, NJ

Slip and fall accidents affect thousands of individuals around the country every year, but many of them never reach a successful resolution with the owner or proprietor where the slip and fall injury occurs. Many people don’t realize how difficult a slip and fall claim can be to pursue, as a slip and fall case requires that the plaintiff prove the defendant was aware of the problem and neglected to correct it. In 2007, I successfully litigated a slip and fall lawsuit to a positive settlement, through my expertise as a Cranford, NJ slip and fall attorney.

In this particular case, my Cranford, NJ client sustained injuries upon slipping and falling in a liquid at a local supermarket. The insurance company for the supermarket claimed that the supermarket management was unaware of the hazard, and as a result, the supermarket wasn’t liable for my client’s injuries. The defendant maintained this position throughout the slip and fall lawsuit, which I litigated through appellate court. When the matter came before a panel of three appellate judges, I submitted legal briefs and argued the case verbally. In this appeal, the ruling in favor of the insurance company was reversed and the slip and fall case was directed to trial.

After this point, the insurer had no legal loopholes to employ before trial, and juries in slip and fall lawsuits are often sympathetic to the victim of the negligent property maintenance. The insurer knew that if we took the case to trial, my client would likely achieve a favorable outcome. To avoid incurring the additional legal fees and a potentially higher award, the insurer agreed to settle and my client got the slip and fall settlement that was warranted in this case.

Because of the difficulty of litigating a slip and fall lawsuit, it takes an experienced slip and fall injury lawyer to get a favorable outcome. Many slip and fall claims are never successfully resolved, as the burden of proving that the owner or management was aware of the problem rests upon the plaintiff, and proving negligence can be difficult. As a successful New Jersey slip and fall attorney, I can help you get the favorable outcome you desire.

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